"Bad Billy" Painter - Founder

Originally from Horsehoe Bend, Idaho, Billy is a graduate of American Broadcasting School and the host of Outlaw Radio.  Nicknamed "Bad Billy" during his first boxing match, Billy is a fan of hand-to-hand combat sports (boxing, M.M.A., ect.) and a

human rights activist and a strong believer in the U.S. Constitution.

Mike Miller - Co-Founder

Originally from St, Regis, Montana, Mike is a loving husbond and father currently living in Caldwell, Idaho. After losing his job in law enforcement because he refused

to take the COVID vaccine, Mike decided to run for Idaho State Legislator

Distrist 11-Seat B but lost in the primay. He says that he is tired of being a part of the silent majority and feels that it's time to be a leader against tyranny.

Jericho Green

Jericho is a conservative from the depths of liberalism known as California. A Navy veteran, husband, and father. He thanks his parents for making sure he had the proper education without the victim mentality and has never had the need for a "walk away" movement. He belives in legal immigration and abortion is not a form of birth control.

"I try to be done with left but they just won't let me!"

Col. Chris Wyatt (Ret)

Chris has spent the majority of his life in the military before retiring in 2020. He

speaks six languages and has travelsd all over the world with extensive security sector, international development and education field experience in Africa, Europe, Southwest Asia, and North America. Chris is now an independent journalist who regularly broadcasts on YouTube and is one of the hosts of Common Sense Conservatives on WSMN in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Phillip D. Blackmon

Phillip is a retired Army veteran where he served as an explosive ordinance disposal (E.O.D.) specialist and completed two tours in Iraq. He is now an activist for mental health, modivational speaker, and host of The Phillip D. Blackmon Show.

John Grosvenor

John is truck driver from Nashua, New Hampshire. He is a member of Truckers United For Freedom (T.U.F.F.) and one of the hosts of Common Sense Conservatives on WSMN in Nashua.

"The Icon" Steven James

Steven is the founder of A.O.W. Productions, former host of Stunner Wrestling Inc., The Revolution Show, and now a cohost of Outlaw Radio. Steven has always been very vocal about his conservative views and is always ready to help expose governement corrutpion.


NiteMare is an independent rap musician from Texas. His songs express strong support for former President Donald Trump and conservative politics.