Enough bullshit from CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, and the rest of the mainstream media! All they do is lie to us and are a huge part of the problem. Here are endorsed media sources that will provide the truth you deserve to here!



RED PILL UNIVERSITY is a major project of Freedom Force that originally was called Project Outreach, based on the goal of reaching out to and creating solidarity with a much larger group of individuals. That larger group may not be aware of the principles expressed in the Creed but, intuitively, they are in alignment with them and are motivated to participate in advocacy projects that have social and political outcomes. 

RED PILL EXPOS are public informational events sponsored by Red Pill University. Their goal is to reach out to an even larger segment of the population: those who, although still living in the Matrix of illusion on many aspects of their lives, sense that something is wrong. They are truth seekers who would rather live in harsh reality than in blissful illusion. When they discover they are not alone and that the information we present is valid, the finest among them will want to become change agents and will come to R.P.U.


John B Wells has been described as modern era combination of Walter Cronkite, Sherlock Holmes, Paul Harvey and your favorite wise uncle. The only things deeper than his trademark voice are his innovative insights, inspiring interviews and delivery of fact- based news. John recorded his very first radio commercial while still in school. He evolved to become a legendary Dallas based Classic Rock DJ, playing records while also setting many for audience size and market share. John has been recognized for his music, writing, speaking, acting and voice over skills. Appearing in Oliver Stone's JFK and hosting Coast to Coast Radio are also are part of his life's work. Now let's talk about yours...

John B Wells syndicated radio show, digital satellite, global video podcasts and YouTubes are enjoyed by an audience numbering millions of faithful listeners and viewers. You may join us today by way of over 90 syndicated terrestrial radio stations, in addition to our multiple subscriber broadcast platforms. Caravan to Midnight weekdays and Ark Midnight on Saturday nights.

Our guests are experienced and intriguing experts, whistle-blowers, cutting edge scientists, legal experts, world class musicians, performers, humanitarians and even concerned parents who just want a better world for their children to grow up in.


Caravan To Midnight - Monday-Friday 10:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Pacific

Ark Midnight - Saturdays 10:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Pacific


Mark Walters Is The Loudest Voice In America Fighting For Gun Rights. Armed American Radio (AAR) is the single fastest growing nationally syndicated radio broadcast in the nation focusing on conservative issues through the lens of our constitutional right to bear arms. Now in its 12th year, AAR continues to add affiliates as we begin closing in on 300 stations. With two programs, AAR and AAR's Daily Defense, award-winning host Mark Walters is on a radio station somewhere across the nation every day of the week fighting on behalf of the Second Amendment.

"The Extremely Powerful Voice Of Mark Walters On Armed American Radio Being Heard In Hundreds Of Cities Across America On Hundreds Of Radio Stations Is An Essential Part Of Securing Victory And Countering The Mainstream Legacy Media’s Lies And Bias Against Gun Owners, Our Rights, And Our Freedoms.”

 - Alan Gottlieb, Founder-The Second Amendment Foundation


Daily Defense - Monday-Friday 10:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Pacific

Armed American Radio - Sundays 8:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM Pacific